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Little Easton Manor Wedding Photographer, Summer Essex Wedding

This beautiful little gem of a venue at Little Easton Manor in Essex countryside is definitely one of my favourites.  I never knew it was there until these two beauties asked me to be their wedding photographer.

When I met them, well........ "we're not photogenic at all and we don't really like our photos being taken!"  Are you kidding me?  Have you seen these two?!  Even they were amazed at how awesome they looked in the engagement and wedding photos.


These two have been together for an absolute age, and you'd think the lovey-dovey period would have worn off by now.  But no! So in love.  Being a part of their spectacular day was total pleasure!  And the reason I say spectacular?  They gave everyone masquerade masks for the evening.  So original and amazing. I must say I'll never tire of shooting weddings....never.


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